Sales Solution

"Kazuti introduces you to the Sales Solution which is a next generation sales solution built on a foundation of cloud and artificial intelligence."

Black Design
Insurance, Financial Advice
January, 2022

In the year since Kazuti implemented its sales system, Black Design has seen a 100% increase in sales.

Black Design was founded by two brothers who loved to design, but had trouble keeping track of all their clients and projects. They also struggled to get their message across to potential clients. The company needed a way to streamline the process and they found it in Kazuti.

The company’s new sales system allows Black Design to easily manage all their projects, clients, and messages from one central hub. It also provides automatic reminders so the brothers don’t miss important meetings or deadlines.

Since using the new system, Black Design has seen an increase in both revenue and client satisfaction. They can now focus on what they do best designing beautiful websites while knowing that everything else is taken care of behind-the-scenes by Kazuti’s sales system!

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