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"kazuti is a unique HR Information System with information on all aspects of employee data."

HR System
March, 2022

Petsky is a small business that was looking for an HR software system, and they found the perfect match when they chose Kazuti.

Petsky’s HR team had been using a combination of spreadsheets, shared Google documents, and emails to manage their company’s data. They were frustrated by the lack of customization options in other solutions they were considering, so Petsky decided to give Kazuti a try.

Immediately after implementing Kazuti, Petsky saw an improvement in employee engagement and retention. The solution gave them the ability to track important metrics like turnover rate and employee satisfaction levels at any given time. They also had access to real-time reports with graphs and visualizations that made it easy for managers to view key information about employees in one place.

Since implementing Kazuti, Petsky has been able to reduce their operating costs by 10%, increase revenue by 5%, and grow their headcount by 20%

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